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Read the site then call us on 07986 288580 with any unanswered questions.

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Saturday 15th October 2016

Please contact


to attend this party





The Radlett Asylum Party


Friday 21st October 2016


This party is for


Single ladies (Cougars) £5.00


Single guys (Cubs) £30.00


Couples £30.00


TVs/TSs: £20.00


The Playgrounds



Witches & Wizards Party


Sat 22nd October 2016


This party is for


Single ladies: £15.00


Couples: £50.00


TVs/TSs: £15.00




Several couples asked for singles to be around, so we extended the party into a two day event with singles welcome to attend on the first evening.


The exact schedule is in dates.


Single males should take the self-assessment then talk to Janet if the resulting score is adequate.


That gives both parties a chance to ask questions to become confident the visit will suit all parties. Safest is to email your phone details and photograph for her to ring you. Janet limits the number of single males to stop the ratio becoming uncomfortable for all concerned.


Single women, bi or otherwise are very welcome and coming in increasing numbers. Eight came to a recent Friday night and outnumbered the single guys!


Most revellers are comfortable with a ratio of one single guy to each single lady or couple so this is the ratio we target . On average this ratio is achieved, but humans are frail in honouring their commitments so we cannot be responsible for that ratio being met exactly every party. Some guys ask if they are assured of ‘action’.


Our home is not a brothel, so males who have problems appealing to the fair sex should search the internet for ‘bukakes’ where the cost will be much higher, but paid-for women will be under pressure to accommodate them.


Males who conceptualise womanhood into two groups – those who might bear their children and must be chained to monogamy in support of their keeper’s fragile ego, and (other men’s) fallen women whose main purpose is further to aggrandise their ego-centrality will be seen through by the discerning couples here and would again be better off with bukakes.


Better still, they should do their partners the favour of evangelising them and bringing them to the whole weekend party rather than just visiting on the Friday.


If however, you respect and love the company of women, don’t see pleasuring them as a predatory slight on their long-term partner and perform well sexually, give Janet a call – a lot of couples want to meet you.


Please take the ‘self assessment’ and ‘cultural outlook on women’ quizzes in ‘bulletins’ before applying to come.


Parties start from 21:30. The first 2 hours or so are usually devoted to socialising and winning confidence. Janet once did an analysis that showed 75% of single males did and 15% of women didn’t.


How much you enjoy the evening is up to you more than anyone else.

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