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Saturday 15th October 2016

Please contact


to attend this party





The Radlett Asylum Party


Friday 21st October 2016


This party is for


Single ladies (Cougars) £5.00


Single guys (Cubs) £30.00


Couples £30.00


TVs/TSs: £20.00


The Playgrounds



Witches & Wizards Party


Sat 22nd October 2016


This party is for


Single ladies: £15.00


Couples: £50.00


TVs/TSs: £15.00




Reviews:  We were much humbled (a rare emotion) to be told that our last party was generating 'fabulous' reviews at a faster rate than serious alternative venues added together.  Herewith some of them.  If you weren't here, how will you explain where you went instead to your therapist?


We attended the Platinum Night at Radletts. We are fairly new to the Playgrounds nights but our hosts Rod and Jackie made us feel very welcome.

The night was just what we wanted. A dance, a swim, a Jacuzzi, a laugh, a chat, a drink, and a play. The highlight for us was the food provided. It would of graced any 5 star function. Highly recommended location and organisation. They work so hard to make these night fun for us all.


Date: 12 September 2016


This was our third visit to The Playgrounds. On our first visit we were obviously nervous but Richard and Jacks made so welcome it eased out nerves straight away. We have met some lovely friendly people there. Sometimes we have played and on others we just enjoyed chatting to lovely people.

We have been to other parties since our first time there but this is absolutely the most hassle free friendly venue. If we had know about The Playgrounds before we would have have started this exciting time in our relationship so much earlier.

The venue is just so lovely the pool and jacuzzi are just great and in fact it is worth going for the food alone! If you are thinking about going to a party for the first time really consider this as your entry point. We honestly cant wait for the demin and diamonds on the on the 24th.

If you come please do say Hi and the nice thing is no one has expectations beyond a friendly chat but as we have discovered if you 'click' with people it is tremendous fun. Enjoy this magical place.......,,


Date: 11 September 2016


I attended the Platinum event run by this great couple with a friend of mine and boy did they pull out all the stops so it lived up to its name!!

Once again I was made to feel welcome and I made to feel like one of their old friends rather than my second visit and the guest list was full of women dressed in some of the sexiest outfits I've seen and most of us fellas scrubbed up alright too!!

Thank you for a top night and for introducing me to caviar and cream cheese too....yum! Luther x


Date: 11 September 2016


I attended the Platinum4 Party and would like to give my thoughts on it from the perspective of a bisexual transvestite. This is the first time I had been to a party where single men are excluded, so I was wondering how I would get on, I need not have worried.


Upon arriving I was given a very warm welcome by the organisers and hostesses which instantly made me feel at ease; this warmth of introduction was followed by a detailed tour and further interaction with other staff that was equally relaxing.


The venue was incredibly spacious, excellently clean and well looked after. The supplied buffet was of a high standard equal to that demanded by the status of the environment, a lot of the food was hand-prepared it was all very well presented.


I am not the worlds best at introductions and small-talk, but I found that everyone was friendly and respectful of me. Many patrons were happy to chat ad some in particular were obviously interested in me.


I was able to enjoy myself with some people there and missed playing with others who would have played with me had I been available at the time.


There was a nice spread of ages, body shapes and attractiveness. This is not a cliquey party, it is very inclusive of all (except single males). On the subject of single males, that whilst I enjoy all sexes and anything in between, it was quite refreshing to be at a party without them.


Bottom line: I will return with relish and recommend this party to all.


Date: 11 September 2016


Guest Attendance Policing Officer - GUESTAPO:  

Having put over one hundred man hours into a party that generated the above reviews, we discovered that one couple who cried off 'because of babysitter problems' had issued verifications at a lesser venue that same night.  

We decided that we have been way too lax allowing free choice of party venue attended so have instigated the role of Guest Attendance Policing Officer. The incumbent has a history in military intelligence so has access to useful technologies such as gps tracking.  

Expect him to create a network of informers that would be the envy of the Tudors' Thomas Cromwell.  Remember that hereonin 'we know where you're going' so 'baby sitter problems' will no longer wash.  

However, we are not a draconian team and have a softer remedial side.  We are negotiating with some celebrated clinical psychologists who can offer therapy to those who fly in the face of the reviews and settle for lesser nights elsewhere.


Bwfc (black women ’s fan club) . The interrelationship between venues, hosts and names etc. isn ’ t always easy to grasp. We take calls every week asking about bmfc because we broadcast their parties at our venue. Janet has responded to many of her black girl friends asking to have a bwfc to mirror Helen ’s bmfc. To spare Helen too much reciprocal phone traffic, we confirm here that all queries on bwfc should be directed to Janet at Radlett Parties.


Tyson Brown. Tyson is enjoying a drift from performer to reveller and is launching this new double role at our nye. Watch this six-pack!.


Photography. What a difference a year makes! One year ago our optional official photographer was afforded leper status. The few pictures he was encouraged to take trickled into the gallery that can be seen online with a result that newbies were attracted in their droves such that the trickle has become a torrent with disgruntled revellers remonstrating that their photos are not pride of place in the gallery. Be assured of the following matters. No picture is taken without the permission of all in the frame. Permission can be subsequently withdrawn. Low light or photographer’s overworked wrist leading to camera shake render some photos of insufficient quality to exhibit. Some are demanding to see their infamy just a few hours after the party. Sorry, but we have other workloads so a fortnight is more likely.


Radlett Parties and Playgrounds tie the knot. This is the first newsletter being sent jointly to all The Playgrounds and Radlett Parties people so we should offer a brief history of the relationship. Radlett Parties has attracted revellers from all habitable continents for years during which the vibrancy of hospitality waxed and waned with the energy and constitution of its organising committee. Rod and Jackie ventured to their first swinging party here in 2014 and proposed being the energy behind a strong theme programme during 2015.


Their phenomenal drive and creativity have complemented the existing facilities to generate a year of superlative reviews and thereby rising attendances. Last month the four of us entered into an exclusive commitment to work together for the greater good of the revelling community, so that the bulk of parties here will henceforth be termed Playgrounds at Radlett Parties. Both web sites will continue to exist, but with Playgrounds majoring on themes and up to the minute graphics while Radlett parties concentrates on the venue.


Our heartfelt thanks to all those who have assisted with this great success, especially the team of helpers.


Theme: all themes here are optional to accommodate the shy and those without time/blood sugars to be bothered. However an increasing number do join in and seem the happier for it .


New website. One reason the website was sometimes a little in arrears was that the content management system we used was vintage. The new site has pretty much the same universally approved content but is much easier to update and gives much improved statistics. Well into 3 figures of visitors to the site each day have already represented most continents.


BBC 3 Counties interview. For those missed 10 am on Friday 7/2/14, BBC have put some of the video interview to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJkuA35X8D4&feature=share&list=UU1Il0X5sERN_g8bEizUgahg . Thanks to all of you who phoned in to kick into touch those sad repressives who were ‘stomach-churned’ by the prospect of having to let their hair down.


Filling the parties. We have learned to bite our lips when urgent new revellers phone up to ask ‘will there be enough people there to make it worth my while?’ In case anyone out there sees it as our responsibility to pack our home out on party nights, herewith the history. We used to throw one or at most two parties a year. With a week or so to the next party crowds of people who I had no recall of having met would shake my hand as if we were good friends and ask us to throw them weekly. I underlined politely that the expense would exhaust us so people offered to cover costs. The compromise was to entertain monthly with guests either helping with repairs or making a contribution.


The average gap between attendances was then 1.1 months. It is now nearly 12 months! I have several directorships and have (when it suits me) intermittent asperger’s syndrome, making me provocatively disinterested in human interaction (excepting riveting and/or undressed women). Janet more than compensates with her garrulousness but is gone 13 hours a day to a demanding job in London. Thus we are not well placed to market. Sorry reveller s. If the parties here aren’t packed enough for you then YOU do some marketing. Invite at least one new couple each month to join you. Bring your sister(s).


Show your secretaries the web site. Swamp the chat rooms with your experiences. Send us reference notes which we will anonymise then post to the site . Offer to take over the twitter and face book maintenance. Remember that over 70% of active adults would enjoy this, but leave any uglies you know for the other venues!


House works. Think of Radlett parties as a type of (gentile!) kibbutz. Make and mend is recognised as a valuable contribution. One of our revellers is working on a plan to save the pool enclosure from the nearby wall which leans ever more worryingly. Tiles were blown off the roof in recent gales. Anyone up to putting them back? TV aerial specialists also please declare yourselves. Tree pruners for the orchard?


Gazebo replaces grape vine. A 30 hour bonfire put paid to the last remnants of the 25 year old vine. Smokers have been treated to the most robust gazebo Amazon had to offer. The shame is that our worst storm arrived the night after it was assembled so the intervening month has been spent doing the engineering necessary to reinstate the upturned mangled wreckage of the morning after. More engineering has improved the structure further since last month.


Asians. We do our best to be inclusive of all demographics regardless of race or creed, but you will see from one of the reference letters that Asians need to work a bit harder following her observations:


Hi Richard and Janet


I had a mind blowing experience last Friday! Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful opportunity for people you don’t even know. I enjoyed the food, met nice people and some sexy people:-) It was great.


I thought I ought to let you know one little episode that I didn’t like. There was a moment when I was not very active and I thought I’d go upstairs and watch the film. While I was in the room alone, two Indian guys came in and locked the door behind them. They then asked me to have a 3some. I said no and they insisted until I shouted and left the room. They should not have locked the door without asking me. I found that offensive and threatening. Although I had no doubt if I had shouted people outside the door would come to my rescue and you would have thrown those two guys out with no mercy.


I will make sure that I won’t find myself in a room on my own again.


Indians used to be the good guys, not to be confused with the Muslims with their duplicitous division of women into their ‘own domestic breeding receptacles and ‘fallen infidel trash’. However the above experience does remind us of some of the noxious headlines coming out of the sub-continent: girl gang raped to death on a bus; village elders arrested for gang raping a girl who fell in love outside the village. That weirdo (madguru I think was his name ) who wrote on fab swingers that radlett was a ‘con’ because you had not supplied (in his view) enough women that fancied him the night he went serves to underline that Indians need to lift their act if we are not going to shun venues that admit them. I know you work hard to be inclusive at your venue, but surely enough is enough?



Hot tub still incapacitated. The organising committee are pleased to announce radlett is running a full service on all facilities this weekend except the hot tub. The pool is scheduled to be very warm on Friday and Saturday – think of it as a big steam room. Sauna is fully operational. However, the hot tub remains difficult to access as it is impaled by the pergola grape vine which collapsed last month in a severe gale. The plan is to crop some 100 Kg of grapes when they fully ripen. Shortly afterwards the leaves will fall, reducing the weight of the vine by about a ton. We need virgins to trample the grapes but they are in short supply. Then we can chainsaw the residue to conduct a rebuild. Vines recover quickly so by the end of next summer it will look similar except for the vine branches that will be much smaller than their current 10cm diameter .


Girls on the pull. Ladies are increasingly grasping that going out on the pull can be a high budget affair that gives little prospect of the carnal outcome that high drive ladies need. So if you know any hen nights or ladies who are unnecessarily blowing a big slice of their disposable income on nightclub bar prices, send them to this web site! We get up to 70 guys applying for places and if girls express a preferred type we can ensure their needs are met amongst the guys admitted.

And more serious still?


We used to discourage singles who imagined these parties might lead to encouplement. That was ill-thought through. We can think of at least four couples together for over a decade who met here, and Janet has been a regular after dropping in many years ago. We know of several ladies with longer term ambitions who threaten to dabble. I’ll say no more.


Anything for the weekend madam? We always thought it a bit cheeky when people asked if we provided ‘safety measures’. Having just realised we have probably accumulated over a kilogram of the little chaps this may have been a trifle myopic on our part. If you are not sticklers for date codes and do not hold us responsible for any outcome not to your liking, we have ‘safety measures’ on hand until further notice.


Party times. Being amateurs, we often get in a panic because we are not completely ready at 9.30pm when a couple of early guests arrive.


Very few arrive before 10pm, so from April we ask guests to plan to arrive after 10am and we will not guarantee to be ready before then. On Fridays, the dj normally plays until around 4am and we would ask those who have not pre-booked some sleeping space to take that as the end of the party and plan to leave to give us space for a quick rest before starting on saturday’s party.


Thanks for your cooperation





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