Radlett is the UK's best established and popular swinging house party venue.

Perfect for newbies and experienced swingers alike.

Read the site then call us on 07986 288580 with any unanswered questions.

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Tel: 07986 288580


Parties start at 9.30pm unless otherwise stated


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25th February 2017





Classic Couples




25th March 2017









18th February 2017


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Guest Attendance Policing Officer - GUESTAPO:  

Having put over one hundred man hours into a party that generated the above reviews, we discovered that one couple who cried off 'because of babysitter problems' had issued verifications at a lesser venue that same night.  

We decided that we have been way too lax allowing free choice of party venue attended so have instigated the role of Guest Attendance Policing Officer. The incumbent has a history in military intelligence so has access to useful technologies such as gps tracking.  

Expect him to create a network of informers that would be the envy of the Tudors' Thomas Cromwell.  Remember that hereonin 'we know where you're going' so 'baby sitter problems' will no longer wash.  

However, we are not a draconian team and have a softer remedial side.  We are negotiating with some celebrated clinical psychologists who can offer therapy to those who fly in the face of the reviews and settle for lesser nights elsewhere.


Bwfc (black women ’s fan club) . The interrelationship between venues, hosts and names etc. isn ’ t always easy to grasp. We take calls every week asking about bmfc because we broadcast their parties at our venue. Janet has responded to many of her black girl friends asking to have a bwfc to mirror Helen ’s bmfc. To spare Helen too much reciprocal phone traffic, we confirm here that all queries on bwfc should be directed to Janet at Radlett Parties.


Theme: all themes here are optional to accommodate the shy and those without time/blood sugars to be bothered. However an increasing number do join in and seem the happier for it .


New website. One reason the website was sometimes a little in arrears was that the content management system we used was vintage. The new site has pretty much the same universally approved content but is much easier to update and gives much improved statistics. Well into 3 figures of visitors to the site each day have already represented most continents.


Filling the parties. We have learned to bite our lips when urgent new revellers phone up to ask ‘will there be enough people there to make it worth my while?’ In case anyone out there sees it as our responsibility to pack our home out on party nights, herewith the history. We used to throw one or at most two parties a year. With a week or so to the next party crowds of people who I had no recall of having met would shake my hand as if we were good friends and ask us to throw them weekly. I underlined politely that the expense would exhaust us so people offered to cover costs. The compromise was to entertain monthly with guests either helping with repairs or making a contribution.


The average gap between attendances was then 1.1 months. It is now nearly 12 months! I have several directorships and have (when it suits me) intermittent asperger’s syndrome, making me provocatively disinterested in human interaction (excepting riveting and/or undressed women). Janet more than compensates with her garrulousness but is gone 13 hours a day to a demanding job in London. Thus we are not well placed to market. Sorry reveller s. If the parties here aren’t packed enough for you then YOU do some marketing. Invite at least one new couple each month to join you. Bring your sister(s).


Show your secretaries the web site. Swamp the chat rooms with your experiences. Send us reference notes which we will anonymise then post to the site . Offer to take over the twitter and face book maintenance. Remember that over 70% of active adults would enjoy this, but leave any uglies you know for the other venues!


House works. Think of Radlett parties as a type of (gentile!) kibbutz. Make and mend is recognised as a valuable contribution. One of our revellers is working on a plan to save the pool enclosure from the nearby wall which leans ever more worryingly. Tiles were blown off the roof in recent gales. Anyone up to putting them back? TV aerial specialists also please declare yourselves. Tree pruners for the orchard?


Girls on the pull. Ladies are increasingly grasping that going out on the pull can be a high budget affair that gives little prospect of the carnal outcome that high drive ladies need. So if you know any hen nights or ladies who are unnecessarily blowing a big slice of their disposable income on nightclub bar prices, send them to this web site! We get up to 70 guys applying for places and if girls express a preferred type we can ensure their needs are met amongst the guys amitted

Very few arrive before 10pm, so from April we ask guests to plan to arrive after 10am and we will not guarantee to be ready before then. On Fridays, the dj normally plays until around 4am and we would ask those who have not pre-booked some sleeping space to take that as the end of the party and plan to leave to give us space for a quick rest before starting on saturday’s party.


Thanks for your cooperation





Circulation of the newsletter.  

We are invariably told by people that they do not receive our news letter while mail chimp assures us that all 1529 do get delivered.  If this has slipped into your junk mail boxes please reroute these pearls away from swine and into your proper mail box.  Perhaps your libido is under siege from other pressures of life so that you can no longer prioritise fun time for yourselves.  In that case please unsubscribe as we are targeting a better opening ratio.  Some items get repeated as they are still current - such as fire risk, or relate to parties still into the future so that you can get diaries and baby sitters organised.  If you aren’t on the newsletter list and want to be reminded of stuff, just send us a message.


More fame - now on Netflix.  

We have been told by several people that the documentary we did over a decade ago can now be viewed through Netflix called ‘the REAL wife swaps’.  It reset the public perception of swinging and led to the explosion of venues and sadly those seeking to make a fast buck out of swinging.  The makers gave us a box of chocolates each.  We learned that they got £85k per showing.  This is the 18th broadcast coming to our attention.  It has been released all over Europe.  One friend found it playing on a Qantas flight!  Enjoy


Fire risk:  

Following a complaint that someone hurt their foot on the ladder, the fire authorities have specified some works to take this venue from around ten times safer than the average home to 100,000 safer.  Any officially qualified sparks or good carpenters please step forward.


Black Woman’s Fan Club.  

Several black ladies have got their teeth into this project and are hard at work making each one better than the one before.  Ink February 11th in your diaries if you have a penchant for ebonettes or want to be lauded as one.  This is close to Valentine’s night so wear something red on the night.  Free rum punch on arrival.  Jeans Ok as long as you can prove they were reassuringly expensive.

Ps: thanks for a record turnout. The reviews are well worth a read:


My lovely friend Vanilla Guy and I attended last nights party and WOW!!! Some truly beautiful dark skinned ladies all looking remarkably sexy and gorgeous in some very seductive dresses. (Think boobs!!)

The venue is amazing with ample parking and is easy to find. (Provided your sat nav is more accurate than mine!lol)

Greeted by big smiles and friendly welcomes we felt at ease immediately and as time ticked by more people arrived and soon enough the house was filling up nicely.

Unlike some places we have been too, we were totally overwhelmed by how friendly everyone was. Both men and women were ALL happy, smiley and were keen to chat.

The ladies hosting last night were very attentive, repeatedly checking things were okay throughout the night and it was refreshing to actually have a dj in-house rather than just a few speakers here and there.

We had no idea there would be entertainment and what a fantastic idea- firstly belly dancing (which Vanilla Guy couldn't resist joining in with) then another dance followed by a couple of rounds of 'speed dating' just to break the ice and get people chatting... which it did!!

Having had a lovely chat with Janet before we left i think we may be returning soon as we would like to try a different party here and maybe meet up with more likeminded swingers.

Thank you for a fabulous night.

C xx

Date: 12 February 2017


Went along last night with wifey from discreet couple looking for the black woman's fanclub event (we were c&c). Was not what we were expecting but a more welcoming and fun place would be hard to find.

Janet is a tremendous host and lovely lady who is gracious in sharing her house and knows the lifestyle well. Play was a bit hit and miss but the party atmosphere was absolutely fantastic and we both had a lovely evening. Met some fab people, enjoyed the delicious food and I even danced with a belly dancer.

Hope to visit again soon for a more conventional swingers evening but cannot emphasise enough the friendliness and warmth of everyone we met there.

Date: 12 February 2017


Saturday 25th February.  This will be a big one, bringing together birthday celebrations for Marcus and Sheryl.  Marcus assures us that his friends Rubber Ron the west end DJ, Dinah Might and his ex, Elena the world pole dance champion should be here to make the night memorable.  Marcus asks that we dress as for Oscar presentation night (he wishes it were for him!).  Let the champagne flow.


Humility stirs in the occasional Muslim breast. This exchange suggested a chink thereof:

R:  See you Friday.  I must warn you that guests here are nervous of Muslim sexual arrogance and selfishness so please surprise us all by behaving nicely.

M:  I will.  How did you know I was Muslim?

R:  You gave your name to Janet.  Mohammeds are invariably Muslim.  Muslims are 5% of our guests but generate 80% of the complaints.  Janet wanted to ban you.  I prefer to tell people what worries other guests and trust them to prove those guests wrong.  It is very rare for Muslims to bring their own wives, preferring to inflate their egos on other people’s who they then think of as trash.  Start a trend - outperform your myopic brothers.

M:  Excellent analysis.  I will behave.  I have to say, its very impressive how you guys do things so professionally.


Thanks fto all those who graced our presence on nye.  With all the false rumours of last year it was great to host so many of you for our 33rd new year’s eve.  It is always a challenge to synchronise big ben, fireworks, pouring fizz, cascading balloons and Auld Lang Syne but with help from all the team we did it.  Not much left of the whole roast pig in the morning.  Well done folks.  Who took the head?


Some reviews for those not on Fab Swingers (why not?)  This is to help people decide where to go next.


Janet and Richard are just lovely people and fabulous hosts. We have been to this amazing mansion with pool jacuzzi and Sauna quite a few times now. Last time on Saturday. The disco area is brilliant and the playrooms are wonderfully dressed. As for the food Sheryl is amazing and worth the fee alone. This has a club atmosphere but is a home and think that makes it unique for us. Our first party was here and it was lovely to see how first timers were welcomed and put at there ease. If you want to attend a party you simply won't find a better venue or more friendly people

Date: 30 January 2017


This was our first trip to this superb venue and we were left wondering why it took us so long to visit this place especially considering that it is technically the closest swinger club to where we live!

We knew we were into a good thing when we ere greeted at the gate by Janet herself who stood out on the cold to greet her guests! The staff were extremely polite, friendly and helpful. The venue itself is huge, well furnished and very clean. Plenty of play rooms, chill out rooms and an massive dance floor with sturdy dancing pole. I would have happily paid the entrance fee just to access the amazing food on offer and the free delicious bottomless punch. The swimming pool was huge and we ended up there with another couple for some sexy frolics in the warm water. What also really impressed us was the atmosphere, really chilled and very friendly, this feels like a house party rather than a club.

Richard kept us entertained with his witty quips and dry sense of humour and always ensured that we were well looked after and enjoying ourselves.

Top rating for a top class venue! We will be back soon. 

Date: 29 January 2017


We attended the couples party at the end of January 2017. As always there was a good mix of friendly, fun sexy people making it a very enjoyable evening! Janet and her team laid on a wonderful buffet spread and a wicked fruit punch! We enjoyed lots of dancing and ended the evening having some naughty fun in the pool :-)

Looking forward to seeing friends old and new at the end of February "Special Birthday Bash" sexy evening dress already on order !!! Thanks again for such a great night xx C&D

Date: 29 January 2017


Have been going to Radlett’s since the original cougars and cubs started there. The nights go from strength to strength. The facilities are great... love the pool! Great playrooms and a fab atmosphere. Would definitely recommend this club and can't wait for the black-light party on Friday! X

Date: 22 January 2017


I first went to Radletts about 5 years ago with friends . At that time it was an experience I wasnt used to at a club . It was very laid back . A HOUSE with hosts that shared their unique home and life experiences with you like you were part of their family . I remembered the amazing spread of food and the hospitality above all else. Move on 4.5 years and an opportunity springs my way to run this event from there. Six months on. SIX great varied and fun parties later and RADLETTS is still the same as I always remembered it . The bits that make it unique and welcoming are still as that first visit.Ok we dont do a buffet at CC but they do still on their Saturday parties and its still Cheryal in the cooking seat but Richard and Janet are always there sprinkling their own kind of warmth over everyone that attends. Whether you want to chat use facilities or have a fun time. This venue offers something that Ive only experienced at a few other places. They actually care about everyone that walks over their threshold and that’s a rarity these days .. Here’s wishing Janet / Richard / Sheryl / Ed the very best for 2017 and a Very Happy New Year. x


Date: 31 December 2016


We love the parties at Radlett - the house is amazing, social area, dance area, kitchen, playrooms the pool and outside areas. Very clean and always a great atmosphere. Richard and Janet are fantastic - see you again soon xx

Date: 18 December 2016


I attended the Black Womens Fan Club last night, and I can say that it was full with sexy and friendly people there last night. I really did enjoyed the speed dating which really helped break the ice with some ladies, the two hostesses did a fabulous job of making everyone feel at home, definitely I will be there for the next one .

Date: 11 December 2016