Radlett is the UK's best established and popular swinging house party venue.

Perfect for newbies and experienced swingers alike.

Read the site then call us on 07986 288580 with any unanswered questions.

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Tel: 07986 288580


Parties start at 9.30pm unless otherwise stated


" The original and still the best swingers house party ever"
















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25th February 2017





Classic Couples




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18th February 2017


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Situated in a picturesque Hertfordshire village just inside the M25 we are one of the original London Adult Parties. We try to keep the format simple and fun. You don’t need to join a club, pay membership, send photographs or give your life history. We just look for a contribution to pool maintenance, damage, etc.


The parties are our social life, not a business. While revellers defray the costs of parties we can throw more of them. Parties start from 21:30 on the Friday night and stop when the last person leaves – sometimes as late as Tuesday.


To assist those who feel torn between eating out or frolicking, we ease the burden by feeding you to a fair standard. There are usually provisions for those who stay over for the apres-party gossip the following morning.


If you don’t feel this gregarious, please avoid the Red Lion hotel in the village who have let us know they find any association with the hot bloodied sexual olympians who frequent our parties offensive.





The facilities include a 16 metre long covered pool, 10 metre dance room with dance pole, sauna, hot tub, 3 secluded acres for summer evening revelry. Revellers have been known to pinch themselves for a reality check while sipping pimms under the grapevine gazing out over the empty valley behind us. Between two and five bedrooms are made available for associative therapy.


You should bring 50% more drink than you would normally take to a party – this much fun really is thirsty work. The local police know of the format and have assured us that they have no concerns in their professional capacity. They are usually outnumbered by their off-duty colleagues in attendance already (though these choose not to reveal their identity to most).


Some years back a pedestrian flagged down a police car to complain of cars parked on the pavement. This is technically an offence which the policeremind us of whenever we transgress’, so park in the field behind the house where there is space for 100 cars. Access has now been improved so that anyone with an understanding of traction will be fine. If the ground is wet, the trick is not to stop until on the tarmac hard stand.

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Attendance profile drifts with time, but the average age seems currently to be around 35.


There is no restriction on upper age or physique, but it has been many months since we saw any one who had lost pride in their appearance.


Minor adjustments are made occasionally to the emphasis of the DJ’s music to prevent us being overrun by head-bangers looking for a cheap evening out, but if he ‘takes inordinate time’ to play your choice, don’t invoke world war three, just accept that he has trouble integrating your rarefied tastes with those of the others present.

When he needs a rest there is a jukebox with 160 dance tracks from the classic eras.


In spite of Janet giving enormous effort to put first timers at ease, the only negative feedback we had in two years was from a couple who left ‘confused and disappointed’ because no one had engaged them.


They asked if we could place a manual of engagement on the wall. Could revellers please take a modicum of responsibility for their own interactions? A safe ice-breaker is to ask a couple nearby what their preferred approach protocol is .


The documentaries apparently shocked lots of you with the effort we put in for your pleasure – apologies if we fall at the last lap by not having that manual of engagement.


Perhaps that will be in the next documentary.


We look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Richard, Janet xxxx

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Image from 'Jon Richardson Does Relationships' See the episode on Channel 4oD

Latest News Update ... Latest News Update ... Latest News Update ... Latest News Update ...

"Where the parties don't stop til the guests do"

Black Man's Fan Club. These parties are run by Helen who has a strict application process through www.blackmansfanclub.co.uk


Single guys Need to email or text us your number, age and photo so we can phone you for a chat.


Gender balanced. This is strictly for gender balanced groups arriving (and leaving) together, no need to book. If you are a single guy, apply to come on a Friday instead. For each single lady assuring us of attendance, a highly rated single guy will be offered a place.  No need to be married. Secretary or sister will do but best not your mum!  show the web site to enthral, impress and inform


General. People are now swayed by the number and identities anticipated at upcoming parties

so if you have a profile name on any swinger sites, please declare them so your friends know where to find you. If you have the charisma of a septic follicle, please pretend to be going elsewhere!


The future is bright - the future remains Radlett.  We are being inundated by people querying a rumour that Radlett Parties are ‘past it’ and have thus decided to take our venue back as a solely family home.  Such reports of our demise are premature.  Regarding being past it, let the couple who can put on two parties in a weekend on 3 hours sleep and challenge the dance floor in the process cast the first stone!  Themes have been fun, but not to everyone’s liking.  Radlett will continue to encourage dressing up for New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s, Back To School and Halloween, but otherwise will revert to a feature-rich venue for those who prefer their swinging undiluted by sartorial frivolity.  Many years ago you, the great partying public, asked us to make our home available as a ‘fun factory’; and we will continue to deliver that whilst: (a) the numbers warrant it; (b) your contributions (help and financial) keep our home standing; and (c) we enjoy them.  So it’s all down to you.


Karen’s Cougars and Cubs. - This event replaces the couples and singles event the Friday before each Couples only party.  Apply by text to 07986 288580.  The first 5 have averaged over 100 people.  Her next is on Friday 30th December.


Vibrant Ebonettes. - Christmas warrants another of Janet’s Black Women’s Fan Clubs.  Janet, (unsurprisingly given her deep tan) is well linked to dozens of black ladies.  They have expressed their disgruntlement at playing second fiddle to black men having their own fan club.  They have begged Janet to put them centre-stage with a fan club for themselves.  If you are, or know of, a vibrant ebonette, or enjoy the company thereof, keep December 10th free for another BWFC.


Getting hold of us. - Until further notice, The Playgrounds have kindly agreed to manage our web site.  It seems as if email contact through www.radlettparties.net is sometimes unreliable.  If you are having trouble with that, text us on 07986 288580 and we will return your call.  Please only phone that number as a last resort.


Reviews. - Just log on to Fab Swingers, whose members say it all far more credibly than we could!  Thanks for all the positive reviews – they made us blush.  Except this one:


Richard & Janet











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Circulation of the newsletter. We are invariably told by people that they do not receive our news letter while mail chimp assures us that all 1529 do get delivered.  If this has slipped into your junk mail boxes please reroute these pearls away from swine and into your proper mail box.  Perhaps your libido is under siege from other pressures of life so that you can no longer prioritise fun time for yourselves.  In that case please unsubscribe as we are targeting a better opening ratio.  Some items get repeated as they are still current - such as fire risk, or relate to parties still into the future so that you can get diaries and baby sitters organised.  If you aren’t on the newsletter list and want to be reminded of stuff, just send us a message.


More fame - now on Netflix. We have been told by several people that the documentary we did over a decade ago can now be viewed through Netflix called ‘the REAL wife swaps’.  It reset the public perception of swinging and led to the explosion of venues and sadly those seeking to make a fast buck out of swinging.  The makers gave us a box of chocolates each.  We learned that they got £85k per showing.  This is the 18th broadcast coming to our attention.  It has been released all over Europe.  One friend found it playing on a Qantas flight!  Enjoy


Fire risk: Following a complaint that someone hurt their foot on the ladder, the fire authorities have specified some works to take this venue from around ten times safer than the average home to 100,000 safer.  Any officially qualified sparks or good carpenters please step forward.


Black Woman’s Fan Club. Several black ladies have got their teeth into this project and are hard at work making each one better than the one before.  Ink February 11th in your diaries if you have a penchant for ebonettes or want to be lauded as one.  This is close to Valentine’s night so wear something red on the night.  Free rum punch on arrival.  Jeans Ok as long as you can prove they were reassuringly expensive.


Saturday 25th February. This will be a big one, bringing together birthday celebrations for Marcus and Sheryl.  Marcus assures us that his friends Rubber Ron the west end DJ, Dinah Might and his ex, Elena the world pole dance champion should be here to make the night memorable.  Marcus asks that we dress as for Oscar presentation night (he wishes it were for him!).  Let the champagne flow.


Humility stirs in the occasional Muslim breast. This exchange suggested a chink thereof:

R: See you Friday.  I must warn you that guests here are nervous of Muslim sexual arrogance and selfishness so please surprise us all by behaving nicely.

M: I will.  How did you know I was Muslim?

R: You gave your name to Janet.  Mohammeds are invariably Muslim.  Muslims are 5% of our guests but generate 80% of the complaints.  Janet wanted to ban you.  I prefer to tell people what worries other guests and trust them to prove those guests wrong.  It is very rare for Muslims to bring their own wives, preferring to inflate their egos on other people’s who they then think of as trash.  Start a trend - outperform your myopic brothers.

M: Excellent analysis. I will behave. I have to say, its very impressive how you guys do things so professionally.


Thanks fto all those who graced our presence on nye. With all the false rumours of last year it was great to host so many of you for our 33rd new year’s eve.  It is always a challenge to synchronise big ben, fireworks, pouring fizz, cascading balloons and Auld Lang Syne but with help from all the team we did it.  Not much left of the whole roast pig in the morning.  Well done folks.  Who took the head?


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